A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.

Martin leBlance, Iconfinder


Born in 1967 as Derek Richards, I spent my formative years in the Royal County of Berkshire. Here, I developed an appreciation of the finer side of living and my passion for digital creativity was sparked.

Derek Richards

On leaving school, I had had enough of formal education and I took an apprenticeship with a company called Quantel. Not only were they a respected employer in Newbury, at the time they were world leaders; designers and manufacturers of digital production equipment for the broadcast television, video production and motion picture industries.

This experience was the foundation for my career in technology and design. The first twenty years of my career were spent refining my digital skills. Starting out as a technical support engineer before going on to software development. By which time my technical prowess was proving to be a career climbing asset. Quickly moving from being a coder into management, I finally reached the peak of my IT career as a business systems architect, for a well known national retailer.

The last decade or so, my career has been focused on building my creative skills. Making my professional debut as a photographer for two beach-side concerts in Turkey, for the famed artists; Demet Akalın and Serdar Ortaç.

This experience led to developing my creative skills, initially as a web designer before turning to a more traditional graphic designer. Much of my work at that time was for print media and branding. However, my strong technological links meant inevitably I would return me to online projects.

Most recently, my skills as a videographer have emerged, with my first project being projected onto Wakefield Cathedral, as part of a community arts project. Since then, I have worked on a music video and taken on several teaching roles, including; video production for community groups to deliver National Heritage projects.

This eclectic journey through my life has taken me from humble, tranquil beginnings in England, to the hustle-and-bustle of New York. A brief stay in Utrecht, then onto London and Manchester. After a seven-year sabbatical in Turkey, I eventually returned to tranquillity in Yorkshire.

Today, my skills have culminated, making me a proficient digital content creator. Imarli is my creative expression, allowing me to deliver premium media services, focused on better standards of living.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my story.

God bless!

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