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Digital Content Producer & Visual Communicator

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Much of my work includes helping brands and individuals adopt new technology and ways of reaching their audience. My unique service allows you to take a strategic approach to building in-house expertise when developing your online commentary and distribution of digital media.

Derek Richards

What I do

Digital Content Producer

My main responsibility is to create, update and review content for my clients, while understanding the desired end-to-end journey for their target audience.

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Visual Communicator

I understand that audience engagement is critical when transferring knowledge. My backround has equipped me with the ability to transform knowledge into engaging content.

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Technology Specialist

Much of my career has been spent as an IT specialist, working for start-ups and blue-chip corporations in the desktop services arena, facilitating information access.

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Studio 32563, PO Box 4336,
Manchester M61 0BW, UK


Office: +44 (0) 330 350 3167
WhatsApp: +44 (0) 791 3 111 250


Email: me [at] derekr.co.uk
Messenger: m.me/uk.derekr