A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.

Martin leBlance, Iconfinder

Why me?

For decades the approach to marketing has been one of one-size-fits-all. But, this out-dated thinking has only led to a growth in mobile-apps and stock content providers offering to help create engaging content.

Yet, in both the real and digital worlds, we are bombarded with stale marketing content. So, as consumers, we are left wading past brand advertising that they quickly dismiss. because it fails to differentiate. Globally, each year brands spend billions of dollars trying to engage consumers. Yet, too many brands fail to live up to the image they portray.

Keeping you relevant

Over recent years, the UK has seen many household names disappear from the high street. In order, to maintain brand loyalty and consumer confidence, brands must meet technological demands, present a consistent and clear message.

Knowing many consumers make decisions based on their experiences, allows me to produce co-ordinated and engaging multi-channel content. A quick search of the web will show that services like mine are increasing in demand. So today, larger marketing companies and industry disrupters are scrambling for broad skillsets. My expert video, photography, communication and technology blend can help brands to shine in an ever-growing online marketplace.

Independent creatives are once again starting to dominate the market. The value that Digital Content Producers and Visual Communicators bring is changing the future landscape of marketing. Some of the world’s top brands are starting to recognise that the ability to engage a Gen-X & Xennials audience is an opportunity that they cannot afford to ignore.

Many mainstream brands have a solid e-commerce marketing strategy in place and have worked hard to identify the appropriate channels but marketing to Gen-X & Xennials is usually an after thought. Yet, the luxury brands are seeing that Gen-X & Xennials, make up more than 25% of the UK population, they also understand that they have vast purchasing power.

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