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Appear on TV

Much of my work includes helping brands and individuals adopt new technology and ways of reaching their audience. My unique service allows you to take a strategic approach to building in-house expertise when developing your online commentary and distribution of digital media.

Digital Content Production is more than a marketing fad, it is the hottest trend in communication today. It bridges the gap between what an audience wants and what a brand has to offer.

Today, everyone shares, reads and generally engages more with content when it’s shared by friends and the people or brands that they know and trust.

This is why I have chosen to launch my platform on Amazon’s Prime Video. Using the name or branding elements can help you get results. However, their brand is one of Amazons most valuable assets, so I am committed to and required to maintain and comply with their advance review of creative materials. 


Lifehance channel

My channel is focused on helping people, brands and businesses that are committed to the betterment of society. Now, this covers a broad spectrum of products and services, however my emphasis is on sustainability and enhancing lifestyles.

Who is it for?

It is hard for me to prescribe what sort of business, brand or individual that I am here to help. I am building a content platform that will inform and engage people, but most of all it will provide content that helps people to improve their lifestyles. If you have something to offer that makes peoples work, homes or well-being better, then this platform is for you.

Understand our TV schedule

TheLifehance Channelis dedicated to better living

Find out what video-on-demand TV shows are planned for 2020. A TV show can give a film a run for its money, when it comes to visual storytelling. So, having a clear understanding of what your story is is vital before you contemplate creating your own TV show.

My role as Visual Communicator and Digital Content Producer is to ensure that you have a solid framework for your show. For this reason I have prepared some clear guidelines to ensure that the Lifehance Channel delivers compelling viewing for different audiences, they include:

  • EcoLusso ~ dedicated to carbon-zero/neutral homes and luxury living
  • Imarli ~ promoting art and artists
  • Escape the Martix ~ a series promoting location independence

Together with these flagship programmes I am working of a collection of shows to help cater for every aspect of better living.


TV program scheduling is where we organise and order the appearance of your broadcast media program on television. Dependent on the season, series and your production the programming order may be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or season-long schedule.

Show Production

Once you have the green-light for your TV show concept it's time to start shooting. Now, several things must occur. As show-runner I will work with you, your writers, proposed script and casts. It is my responsibility to oversees your project from start to finish.


This is television, so resist the urge to just put it up on YouTube and hope for the best! I will help you market your TV show and prepare a series trailer and relevant online marketing. This helps to ensures that we reach the target audience and you reap the rewards.


I offer youtwo optionsto promote your business television

Your Own TV Show

Showcase yourproduct, brand or businesson TV

This is your chance to shine and let the world know a little bit more about you and what you do. This is goes beyond a video advertisement or a YouTube short, it's a platform to help people really understand what, how and why you do the things that you do.

Imagine you had about half an hour to impress someone with what you know. Beyond the standard sales pitch, what else would you say?

Captivate, engage and inform, and if you don't have access to your own technical crew, capable of creating a TV show, I'm on hand to provide you with all the expertise that you need, to truly tell your story!

TV Show Sponsorship

Advertisebefore and afterbefore one or more TV shows

The Lifehance channel differs from conventional broadcast television in that each forms part of a video on demand schedule. This model has been made popular by our enabler Amazon and of course Netflix. This offers our audience the opportunity to watch what they like when they like.

This type of programming means that there is no opportunity to break up the schedule with traditional television advertising, so to accommodate those clients that want to produce short advertisements, I offer you the opportunity to sponsor our TV shows.

This concept is not unique however, I decided that I would offer this means pf promotion, for those clients that wanted some level of exclusivity with regards the content being produced.